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Are myspace and facebook paying you what you're worth?

Are you getting paid what you're worth?

FACT: Myspace and facebook are earning a FORTUNE of you and all your efforts. So the question needs to be asked where is your cut?

Better question, how can you GET your cut? There is a way and it's all the rage.

One of the hottest trends in the work from home world today is without question, "Pay Per View" - free social networks that pay you to chat, make friends and blog your way to riches.

An Opportunity to make money from having fun on sites just like myspace and facebook. No Investment required.

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As you read this article you'll soon see that there are programs out there which for good reason, give people just like you, the ability have a shot at making free internet income, giving you the ability to "prove yourself." They are also bent on bringing down myspace and sites alike. Sites that are earning hundreds of millions of dollars of selling you to the advertisers.

What am I talking about?

The industry I'm referring to is called "Social Networking." Websites like Facebook and Myspace.

Right now there is a HUGE competition between these sites and sites just like them, they are competing on who can amass the greatest number of users - people like you and I. They are looking for people who are willing to use the site, make friends and invite new friends.


To these sites: the more users = the more money they can charge the advertisers who's ads we are looking at while were using the site.

So what the heck does this have todo with you and "you, getting them to pay you."

Like I said, these sites are competing with each other constantly - all of who are trying to come up with the coolest add ons the best functionality etc etc. However one social network has absolutely broken all the rules. They have decided to actually PAY their users to use their site! How they do it is by taking a generous portion of the sales from the advertisers and pay it back to the people who are viewing the most ads and pages.

The site has all the functionality myspace does except they pay you for using it.

Now the brilliant part, is they not only pay you on your page views, but as well they pay you on the page views of everyone you refer.

The big question for most people is can it work for me?

Absolutely, it's working for 10s of thousands of people around the world as you read this! All people are doing is opening their eyes to the fact that myspace is selling them and not paying them. Why would you do this when there is an alternative? You're doing all the work, your posting all the content, inviting all your friends etc etc. It only makes sense that if all that work is being sold for millions of dollars that you should perhaps earn 50 bucks! Right?

If you interested in learning more about this social networking site and how you can start taking advantage of this new rage, feel free to take a look at my complete system and step by step guide on how to make this social network called Yuwie work for you.

Michael Van-Masters

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