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How To Build a MLM Business On a Part Time Schedule

Most that start a network marketing business do so on a part time basis with the idea of eventually working for themselves full time. This of course is a very achievable goal, but it does require some effective planning and time management.

For starters, anytime we have limited resources, be it time, money or know-how we must come up with specific strategies to compensate for it or else our chances of success diminish greatly. So if time is a limited resource in your business (and it is for most in their first 12-24 months in network marketing), then here are two strategies you can immediately use to improve your results.

(1) Start making the distinction with regards to any time spent in your business as either revenue producing or non-revenue producing. Meaning, you should begin to think of your business activities as something that will either produce revenue for your business or that won’t. Doing this will allow you to prioritize your days activities, as well as minimize the time you spend doing things that won’t actually increase the size of your checks.

It’s worth mentioning that revenue producing doesn’t include activities that merely have the potential to produce revenue in the future. Examples of this would include studying MLM training materials or doing research on the internet.

Granted, continually expanding your knowledge base is incredibly important for creating long term success however, no one is ever going to send you a check after you finish reading a great book or article about network marketing. So try to review training materials during your spare time. As a general rule, be sure that 80% of your time is spent on revenue producing activities and the other 20% on non-revenue producing activities.

(2) Establish office hours for your business. This is critical. If you don’t have a specific time that you’ve set aside to work on your business, then what you actually have is a hobby, not a business.

Start by taking a look at your entire schedule, then set aside blocks of time that you’re least likely to be interrupted. Next, look for some additional flex time that you can work on your business, but will also be free to do other things if needed.

Naturally, the more time you can devote to your business the better, but don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to spend much time in your business right away. Remember, network marketing is a leveraged business, so if you keep at it, soon you’ll have a downline out there duplicating your efforts.

Once you’ve set business hours you’ll need to get to work, and as you do, you should be thinking of how you can complete as many revenue producing activities as possible during that time. One way to ensure you do this is to plan ahead. Meaning, create a list of specific action items you wish to accomplish either on a daily, or at the very least, weekly basis. This will help you stay focused and productive.

In summary, if time is a limited resource for you in your business then you can compensate for it by working smart. Plan the activities that will generate revenue for your business, schedule them, and then complete these activities during office hours. Do this consistently and it will become a habit, which is another way of saying it will become effortless. As that happens, you’ll create momentum and your business will begin to take on a life of its

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