27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

MLM Downline Building Can Be Back-Breaking Work

When being a part of a multi-level marketing program that is working for you, you want to bring other people in as soon as you can. These people, your downline, are people that you want to help create an income for and get them as pumped about your program as you are. If you continue to keep them in the excitement about making money in their newly found business, they will take immediate action especially in their first 4 months into the business.

When thinking of who you want in your downline, you initially should go to friends and family first. There is always someone that you know that would enjoy the rewards of a good mult-ilevel marketing plan. Looking at old college friends or co-workers for your downline is a good idea, because you already know these people. They trust you and know that you wouldn't steer them wrong. Sometimes trying to bring in strangers for your downline is a little harder. But people that already see your profits and success are easier to make a part of your downline.

Remember that whoever you bring in for your downline is someone that you are going to have to spend a lot of time with. Your downline are people that you will have to speak with regularly, so bring in people that you know are going to be hard workers and take this seriously. Keep your downline limited to motivated people only.

Make sure you are not bringing in your downline and then throwing them to the wolves to figure out what to do. Set up a coaching call with them every week and train them with your company training. This will help keep them focused and to help them find out information to any questions they may have. When you already know which team members are the most teachable, then it is the time to teach them how to start building a downline of their own.

Attend meetings with your downline, or set up a monthly meeting of your own and invite all of your downline over. Be involved with your downline and you will build a team that will work for you.

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