27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

Target Marketing Strategies for Online Network Marketers

Have you found yourself spending yourself out of business; buying expensive leads, useless e-books or placing unproductive ads? Stop flushing your money down the toilet.

Are you discouraged and thinking that you're just not cut out for this business? You ask, "Why can't I recruit just one person?"

It's not you. It's the industry. No one is born knowing how to become a successful network marketer. Network marketing is a simple business but it is not an easy business.

Okay, so you have placed killer ads, you have written great articles, joined groups, tarted a blog. You've done everything your upline leader has told you. I'ts been months, and you still have not seen the "fruit of your labor".

What is wrong? Why haven't you had any success?

Are you the only sucker that isn't making money?

Your upline sponsor is making thousands, why not you?

It's not you and I can help.

The first step to improve your conversion rate in the network marketing or internet marketing business is to learn how to identify your target market.

This is very important. Do not skip this step, it is the foundation of your entire marketing system.

Let me ask you this; can you sell dentures to a man who has a nice set of teeth? Can you sell a steak to a vegetarian? How about diet pills to a skinny person? No! That's because a man with a nice set of teeth does not need dentures. nor the vegetarian a steak, the skinny person does not want diet pills! You would have a much better chance to sell dentures to a toothless man, steak to a meat eater, and diet pills to an overweight person. Here's the secret: give them what THEY want.

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