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What is Network Marketing?

Network marketing is a form of business that most people have the ability, skills and resources to participate in. Many network marketing companies provide skill building workshops or meetings to help you grow. Many network marketing companies provide even more resources for you to utilize.

Network marketing is a business where you and I are the advertisers of their products or services. Network marketing companies do not spend billions of dollars in advertising. You will not see an advertisement on television for MLM products. You will not hear an advertisement on the radio for MLM products. These companies chose to have their products advertised by you and me, and in turn give the money they would have spent in advertising to you and me.

Network marketing is a people business, which utilizes networking concepts. When you look for a traditional job, you usually network with other people to see what is out there. If you don’t network with your employed friends and family you may not hear of your best opportunity. Traditional business owners network with vendors and customers to build their businesses. If they don’t, they could get stuck in a contract with a vendor that is much more costly, or they may not have considered a certain segment of the population as a good marketing avenue. Whether you realize it or not, networking is a part of your daily life, or should be. Network marketing companies simply try to allow you to benefit from your daily networking activities in yet another way.

What Network Marketing Should Not Be

Network marketing should not be a way to bug your friends and family. It should not be a way to take up all of your free time and work you into burnout. It should not be a cult-like experience. It should not be a method to sort out your friends or a measurement for making new ones.

What Network Marketing Should Be

Network marketing should be fun. It should provide a clear path to help yourself and others. It should be a way for you to grow in professional and/or personal areas where you’d like to see growth. It should be a positive experience for you and anyone you approach.

Just a Thought

This is your business! You must work your business the way you feel it needs to be worked. If your company, sponsor or up line asks you to do something you don’t feel comfortable with, ask yourself why. If you don’t have the money, maybe it’s something you can work towards and possibly do later. If it’s something that doesn’t fit your personality, then consider what they’ve said as a topic for brainstorming. Find out if there’s an area within that idea, or closely related to that idea that is more comfortable for you to do. Please do not get into a comfort zone, however. Comfort zones do not provide growth. Allow yourself to grow and you will be able to help others grow as well.

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