27 Şubat 2008 Çarşamba

New Money Making Program Now Available On The Ultimate Online Employment Guide.com

The Brock Program, a network marketing money making solution, is now available on The Ultimate Online Employment Guide.com (www.theultimateonlineemploymentguide.com).

The low-startup cost program arrives at a time when many Americans are feeling the financial squeeze. With mounting layoffs, outsourcing and low-paying jobs, middle-class Americans and those already below the poverty level are facing frightening financial pressures.

The consequences of this uncertain environment are evident in the media. Lou Dobbs of CNN has led the fight against the shrinking middle class, writing, "We're in a class war, and our middle class is losing, and losing badly."

A more tragic example is that of Bill Ginglen, an upstanding citizen and former Marine, who appeared on the Oprah show via satellite. Ginglen is a convicted bank robber who said he was under financial strain and felt "useless" for not being able to produce a better income.

"Bill's actions are not justified by his economic situation, but we can certainly relate," said Deborah Newport of The Ultimate Online Employment Guide.com. "We provide another option for Americans to make ends meet, to get ahead and pursue the American dream."
Newport said that while network marketing can be a treacherous field fraught with scams, the Brock Program provides a legitimate money-making opportunity: http://www.theultimateonlineemploymentguide.com/hotopp.htm

The Brock Program features low startup costs. New participants are encouraged to give their new business a jumpstart by purchasing labels and mailing out their own flyers to supplement the mass mailings the company does on behalf of each of its members. All information is included in the packet that new members receive.

There are three phases of achievement and five money positions. In Phase 1, participants may earn up to $97,000 per year. When participants achieve money position 5, they win a cruise to the Caribbean.. Please refer to the website for all the details. http://www.theultimateonlineemploymentguide.com/hotopp.htm

Participants are typically paid via $25 money orders, and many members have reported receiving a steady flow of payments once the business gains momentum.

Note: The Brock Program is open only to hard-working Americans who will take it upon themselves to develop their own business. When new members join, they are asked to send, on a separate sheet of paper, their e-mail address, so they may receive information vital to their success. All participants are responsible for reporting and paying their taxes.

This opportunity is not available to those living outside the USA.

For more information, please visit http://www.theultimateonlineemploymentguide.com.

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