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Success In Home Business #2

On my previous article ' Success In Home Business', I had shared the experience in How To Start A Simple Home Business' if you are a car lover.

Inside this article, I am going to share another idea with you How To Start A Simple Home Business if you are a FORMULA ONE fans.

Formula One - a car racing sport - one of the hottest sport in the world today. The sound of the engine, the heat, the high speed(average speed 200km/hour) makes million of audiences' heart beating for every second.

So, how to start a Home Business related to this hottest sport in the world and generate money from it since Formula One with a very very huge base of market.

How to begin?

Step 1 : Collect the news and information

To start this kind of Home Business, you need to provide the information to the FORMULA ONE fans. First of all, you have to search for the latest news and the previous news as well all about Formula One.You can get this from newspaper or car magazine.

The following are the information the readers interesting:

- The next compettition date and venue.
- Any promotion activities held by the organizer before the competition.
- What kind of events the drivers will attend before the race.
- Any driver transfer?
- Any car team joint venture?
- The latest race result

You can upload all this news to your website. All the Formula One fans will concern about the latest news happen. So make sure all your information must up to date.

Step 2 : Plan of the Circuit

Collect the circuit plan of each country. Put this circuit plan to your website. Do some simple explaination to each circuit. Tell the history of each circuit(example : the year of construct) to your Formula One fans. Very sure, they will interesting in this kind of information.

Step 3 : Driver's ranking

Build up a table showing the driver's ranking. Show your Formula One fans - the points that each driver has been collected for every race. You can also provide the Champion Name List for the previous year.

Step 4 : Team's ranking

Build up another table showing each team's ranking as step 3.

Step 5 : Video clip

If you have a habit of recording each Formula One race, here is another good opportunity for you to make your website looks more profesional. Cut out the highlight show for every race, and upload this highlight show to your website. This can giving extra bonuses to your visitors when they visit to your website. Because everyone loves highlight show, and you are providing a place to them to review back the exciting moment.

Step 6 : A forum

You need to create a forum for your visitors. Inside this forum, you can brings up some new issue to them to discuss.

The above are some ideas for your reference.

You can use this guide to start your own Home Business.

Wishing you success.

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