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Holly Mann's HonestRiches.com, Money to be made here, and its easy

Holly Mann’s

Money to be made here, and it's easy

I purchased this product about two weeks ago, and I have been learning ever since. Holly Mann's book, "Honest Riches" has saved me countless hours and dollars through her presentation method. Since I downloaded and read this book, there are things I have learned, that I seriously thought were fairy tails. Honest Riches provides information in a way that a beginner like me does not feel daunted in daring to venture beyond the cover.

In order to set up a Home Business I have spent countless hours, and some hard earned bucks in trying to gain access to the world of Internet Marketing, all to no avail. It seemed to me that every time I was ready to get into something, guess what, there was another charge that needed to be paid for "Another” Never before revealed secret of how to earn unheard of incomes by doing nothing, except buy this system or get that report, or sign up for my teaching.

I finally came to the point of saying "No more Crap", I quit". It was then I ran across Holly's offer, Honest Riches, the title kind of struck me and I dug a little deeper. According to what I read, being able to "Start up and manage an Internet Home Based Business was beginning to seem like more and more of a honest possibility, even for me. By the way, I am not a young pup, full of vim vigor and vitality with unreasonable expectations.

I have been around the "Block" a few times, then a few more times. So, I am a natural skeptic, but, I try to keep an open mind, if I do decide that something is just a load of crap, I will let it fall and walk away without looking back.

Her method of presentation, and her openness about who she is kind of leveled the playing field for me. The more I got into the book, the wider my eyes opened.

Questions arose in my mind, "Could it really be this easy?" and "Why haven't I heard this stuff before?"

It was then I realized that what I was reading was providing not only "How Come" but also a "How To" and for a beginner like me, not only was this refreshing but also extremely important

Since I have read the book, I am now going to start using it. I am going to test Holly Mann's book section by section, I am going to start with the Chapter 4 "Making Money without a Website", I am starting with the writing Product Reviews. As I go through the book, I will keep posting and let you know how it's going, so until the next review I remain

C. J. Trudelle
Hopeful in El Paso

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